S-Yard SP-33 Gold Putter Limited Released

100% Baru, Exclusive Putter S-YARD SP-33 Gold Limited Released, 34inch, Authentic !
Putter S-YARD SP-33 Gold Limited Released, 34inch, 100% Baru, Authentic ! Original cover tersedia.

Updated: 29 Sep 2016


Training Aids

Whippy Tempo Master Putter
Whippy TempoMaster® enforces the need to swing the clubhead using centrifugal force to generate clubhead speed. The high flex point in the shaft, about 4 inches below the hands, gives immediate feedback to the golfer throughout the whole golf swing. (Ready Stock)


Putt Master / Missing Link
Adjustable plastic cuffs and metal grip-rod provide feedback during the stroke, taking the wrists out of the putting stroke and promoting a pendulum motion.


Greens Professor
Ingenious alignment aid for putting works by emitting a light which reflects off a mirror on the the toe of the putter back into a window indicating the putter's alignment.


Wrist Brake
Orange plastic snap-on attachment used for chipping and putting to indicate any change in the relationship between the player's hands and clubface.


Putting Alignment Mirror (18inch x 10inch)
This putting mirror is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. Check your eyes, shoulders, putter face & more. Consistency is key! Check your alignment, eye position and shoulder alignment.


O' Beam
O' Beam Laser Putting Aid provides immediate feedback on how much your head is moving and trains you to minimize your movement, resulting in more consistent contact. Attaches to a visor or hat.


Power Coil (Ready Kembali !)
Stabilizes a players lower body to allow them to develop a powerful coiling action. Includes knee brace to keep right knee from straightening during back swing. (Ready Stock)


Tempo is the most personal aspect of golf. You have a natural speed of speech and walking. You also have a natural speed of stroke and swing...



Medicus Dual Hinge 7-Iron
Medicus Dual Hinge 7-Iron. The Medicus Dual Hinge the #1 selling golf training aid ever made



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